Name: Debrah Ann
Age: Girls Don't Tell :)
Measurements:  34C-30-36
Height: 5’3”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Body Type: Petite / Athletic

I workout 3-5 days a week (at a gym) and with hard cocks so I can stay toned and fit for all of you sexy guys (and girls) to watch me at my best!

Turn-ons: I love a toned sexy bald guy (above and below), I also love hot Bi sexual girls that like to play and share their boyfriends/husbands with me! I get really turned on and extremely wet to have people watching me have hot nasty sex and love to do live shows!

Fantasies: having sex in public places,being covered in cum,gang bangs,and I love getting down and dirty in front of an audience!


Hi, I'm DebrahAnn, the bad girl you wish lived next door :)

I would like to welcome you to my personal website where I document all my naughty adventures on film for my (and your) pleasure! First off I, would like to give you a little background on how I got started doing all this. I was 19 and grew up on a secluded farm in the middle of nowhere in upper Michigan, at this point I was a complete virgin and hadn't’t even kissed another person, until I met my husband that same year.

My husband is 13 years older than me and A LOT more experienced. The first night he took me out I was a little nervous,but knew he was who I wanted! After a long hot make-out session on the first date, I knew I wanted and NEEDED to get fucked right then and there! When he finally slid his hand down my pants and touched my soaking wet pussy, it was the most electric thing I had ever experienced and knew this was going to be the first night of my naughty life.

A couple years later we married and that’s when it really got interesting. My husband started telling me how he has always been a “swinger” by nature and would love to watch me pleasure and get pleasured by others. Now that was a surprise that instantly made me wet and I knew I was going to love every minute of these adventures. He soon had invited a couple buddies over for some drinks. After just a few drinks I found myself doing a sexy strip tease for the three of them.

That night is when I discovered I could squirt and I did it while I was on top riding one of the hard cocks deep into my ass. My husband filmed the whole thing and we soon found the excitement of filming, which leads us to starting this website. These are all of our naughty amateur adventures, none of which are high budget scripted/edited, just me in total raw debauchery but all filmed in full HD for a great viewing experience!

Please check out the rest of my site to see some examples of what I have been up too.

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